I am currently an Assistant Professor in the department of Computer Science at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. I was previously an Assistant Professor (promoted to Associate, but left before assuming the position) at King's College (2012-2018), a visiting faculty member at Ursinus College (2011-2012), and an instructor at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania (2010-2011). Prior to that I was a graduate student at Lehigh University, and before that an undergraduate at Ursinus College. I live in Millersville, PA with my wife Rachel, sons Elijah and Jeremiah, and cat Zoe.


At Millersville University of Pennsylvania (Fall 2018) I taught CSCI161: Introduction to Programming I (x3).

At King's College (Fall 2012 - Fall 2018) I have taught CORE120: Mathematical Ideas (x6), CS100: Introduction To Computing (x2), CS111: Programming for Scientists & Engineers (x3), CS116: Fundamentals Of Software Development I (x6), CS117: Fundamentals Of Programming II (x3), CS256/CIS356: Database Management Systems (x5), CS270: Computer Organization (x7), CS328: Theory Of Algorithms (x1), CS336: Theory Of Computation (x2), CS364: Operating Systems (x3), CS448: Artificial Intelligence (x3), and CS490: Special Topics: Search Engines (x2).

At Ursinus College (Fall 2011 - Spring 2012) I taught CS173: Introduction To Computer Science (x2), CS174: Data Structures (x2), CS274: Computer Architecture And Organization, and CS477: Artificial Intelligence.

At Mansfield University of Pennsylvania (Fall 2010 - Spring 2011) I taught CIS1109: Explorations In Computer Science, CIS1115: Programming With Objects, CIS3304: Advanced Web Design, CIS3311: Software Engineering, CIS3315: Data Structures, and CIS3325: Operating Systems.

At Lehigh University (Summer 2006) I taught CSE271: Programming In C & The UNIX Environment.


My research is in artificial intelligence, and more specifically in automated planning, machine learning, and the combination of these two fields. Here are some of the ideas I am currently working on or thinking about working on:

If you are a Millersville University student who has already taken the Artificial Intelligence course and is interested in collaborating with me on one of these research projects or an idea of your own, please send me an email or come see me.

My publications list, with PDFs


I consider myself an amateur musician, playing bass guitar seriously but fiddling with other things as well. I would be interested in pursuing collaborations that could fit with my schedule of work and family obligations.

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